The Centre of Sport & Recreation "TRADITION" in Cracow
                                           Centrum Sportu i Rekreacji "TRADYCJA" w Krakowie
                                                 The School of Chinese Martial Arts





C. S. & R. "TRADITION" (were founded in1996), it is on organization with promote sport and recreation, specially in following fields :

- The Chinese Martial Arts,
- Artistic and platformic activity (look at the
offer below).

In the School of Chinese Martial Arts ,  within  the  framework of meetings, the are taking place stationary coachings (in group,  personal lessons, specjalistic trainings) as well as meetings on different trips (lectures in  seminar  groups, train and rest camps - with participation of the kung fu - wu shu experts). More ower, our  students  have a chance  to take  part in many competitions, tournaments and other enterprises in our country  and abroad.  Classes in our school, can be attended by children (from 7 years old), school youth and  adults  (there are separated  gropups  for  people in different age in the school). In our school lessons are led by qualified instructors of kung fu wu shu (they  was trained by specialist  of Academy of Kung Fu Wu Shu  and  Institute  of  Natural Medicine, in Peking).



                                                                            * 1

                          The School fo Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu - Wu Shu
                                         Invites children, youth, and adults on trainings:



         San Da

         Wu Shu

         Tai  Chi

         Chin Na


    Children Group     


                                      Extra Informantions  (about school, about trainings, etc. ).







Artistic and platformic offer of school :

       We  organize  and  realise  perfomances  of  chinese  martial  arts  kung fu - wu shu (detalis - here...) as a basic artistic and platformic offer a school.  We  assume  own  spotr  and  platformic accesories.  We  grant  also  profitable discounts.

We use to invite to cooperation various institutions and firms,  with  would  like, for example, to diversify inauguration  of  their  activity or an  anniversary of their existans. This cooperation  concern  also private persons,  who are  interested  in  our  performaces.




All institutions, concerns, and private persons who are interested in our offer we want to ask for a contact. Our e-mail is: 




We would like to encourage
you to cooperate.

Krzysztof Kęsek
The President of Managment
of  C. S.
& R.