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        Shaolin - this is a traditional style of Kung Fu Wu Shu. This martial art was compiled and has been improved   for  ages  in  Shaolin  Cloister.  The  style  is  one  of  the most known and developed among kung fu wu shu  techniques. The  characteristic  things  of  Shaolin  are  low position as well as long and medium  distance  fights.  In  combat  techniques  of  Shaolin  are  heavily  used a centrifugal power and Qi Gong  on  the advanced  level.  In  Shaolin  we  have  got  a  lot of hand techniques and kicks (strike combinations, blocks, levers, throws, etc.).  Perfectly compiled kick techniques,  especially kicks from jumping  up,  are  one of  the most effective and showy forms among martial arts. Statistic from contest confirm  that  Shaolin  is  one  of  the  most  effective  styles  among  full-contact  fights.


photo. 1.

                photo. 1. Side kicks.


photo. 2.

           photo. 2. Kicks from jumping up.


photo. 3.

                       photo 3. The Monks from Sholinin the front of Cloister

Among  the  favourite  weapon  of  monks from  Shaolin  we can class: stick, sabre, sword, spear, pike, chains, and otherless popullar weapon, such as triple flair or spade.

Instructing  programme  of  this  style  includes  several  levels,  which  gradually  raise skills  of students. In  the  first  phase  of  teaching  Shaolin  style,  the  strongerst pressure is put in general exercises (with cultivate  strenght,  speed,  endurance,  movements co-ordination) and basic fight techniques (positions, blocks, strikes and kicks). In the second phase we teach basic hand forms and and their use in fight as well as basic forms with weapon.

photo. 4.

photo. 4. Positon "Crawl in grass snake"
photo. 5. Side kick - K. Kęsek

              photo. 5. Side kick.


           instructor Krzysztof Kęsek

              photo. 6. The form with sabre - fragment.

In  next  stage  students  train  advanced hand  forms and their use in fight, double forms (made in pairs) and  forms  with  weapon:  stick,  sabre,  sword,  spear,  pike,  and  chain. Among the most known and taught  forms,  we  can  class:  tan  tui  (10  elastc  kick  form),  "18 arhats"  (traditional  fight technques, exercised   in  pairs,  strength  forms, "five animals", earth, "drank master", and also double forms with weapon. When  somebody achieves an advanced level, there are made exercises with using Qi energy on  the  trainings.

Shaolin by its philosophy affects development of spiritual sphere and psyhe of students (strengthening will power and psychic immunity in stress situations), what is very important in normal life (scholl, job, etc.).Besides Shaolin gives you practical ability of fight and possibility to correct general co-ordination of you body.

                           C.S. & R "TRADITION". The page of School of Chinese Martial Arts - Shaolin.

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